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This work contains a study on optimization algorithm performance and how each algorithm is affected by its available settings. STOpS successfully found optimal trajectories for the Mariner 10 mission and the Voyager 2 mission that were similar to the actual missions flown. The analysis for each of these missions took days each.

Spacecraft Trajectory Optimization

The final program is a robust tool that has taken existing techniques and applied them to the specific problem of trajectory optimization, so it can repeatedly and reliably solve these types of problems. Astrodynamics Commons.

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Master's Theses and Project Reports. Author Timothy J. Abstract In trajectory optimization, a common objective is to minimize propellant mass via multiple gravity assist maneuvers MGAs.

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On the one hand, this is a well-developed field of research, in which commercial software packages are already available for various scenarios. On the other hand, the computation of such trajectories can be rather demanding, especially when low-thrust missions with long travel times e.

Spacecraft Trajectory Optimization

Such missions invariably involve gravitational slingshot manoeuvres at various celestial bodies in order to save propellant or time. Moreover, manoeuvres involve vastly different time scales: years of coasting can be followed by course corrections on a daily basis.

Mission to Earth's neighbouring asteroids (GTOC5 trajectory)

In this talk, we give an overview over trajectory optimisation for space vehicles and highlight some recent algorithmic developments. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.