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King was skeptical of many of Christianity's claims. At the age of 13, he denied the bodily resurrection of Jesus during Sunday school.

Biology As Ideology (Cbc Massey Lectures Series)

From this point, he stated, "doubts began to spring forth unrelentingly. Growing up in Atlanta , King attended Booker T. Washington High School. Massey College, Toronto Massey College is a graduate residential college at the University of Toronto , established and endowed in by the Massey Foundation. It was modeled around the traditional Cambridge and Oxford collegiate system and features a central court and porters lodge.

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Similar to St. John's College and All Souls College, Oxford and junior fellows of Massey College are nominated from the university community and the wider community, are elected by the governing board of the college; the President of the University of Toronto, the Dean of graduate studies and three members of the Massey Foundation are ex officio members of the governing board, chaired by the elected member of the governing board.

Members of the governing board are elected for five years; the college is well-connected with prominent figures of the national establishment, is the sponsor and host of the annual Massey Lectures. It hosted the Man Booker International Prize of Of the establishment of a new graduate college, Massey wrote, "It is of great importance that it should, in its form, reflect the life which will go on inside it and should possess certain qualities—dignity, grace and warmth. Opened in , the college was designed by Canadian architect Ron Thom , who subsequently designed the master plan for Trent University.

Professor J. On July 1, , Hugh Segal a member of the Senate of Canada , became the 5th Master of Massey College for a 7-year term, but he resigned in and will be replaced from the academic year. As in Oxford and Cambridge, the buildings of Massey College all centre around one court, accessible through only two gates; the main gate is at the foot of the tower, along with the porter's lodge. The quad contains a large pond with fish and fountains as well as the St. Catherine's Bell in the clock tower attached to the porch; the bells are rung three times a day during the school term to mark meal times.

Around the quad are a total of five residence houses on the east and west sides; the ground floors of these houses contain some administration offices. The largest building, containing the majority of the public space available to members of the fellowship, is on the south side along with the master's house.

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Public space at Massey College includes the large dining hall, a small private dining room, a college common room and bar, an upper library, the lower library, the " puffy couch room", the Colin Friesen seminar room, a computer room, non-resident study carrels. Similar to Oxford and Cambridge colleges, Massey is home to an ecumenical worship space, St. Catherine's Chapel, the interior of, designed by stage designer Tanya Moiseiwitsch ; the Chapel features a 17th-century Russian iconostasis and cross, as well as "portativ" pipe organ specially designed for the chapel by the Quebec organ builder, James Louder.

The chapel was extensively redesigned in by the College architects, Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliffe, rededicated in June In June , the Chapel was designated as the third Chapel Royal in Canada and it is the first interdenominational and interfaith Chapel Royal in the country; the college buildings are studied by architecture students. The award can go to a building in Canada, designed by an architect from any country, or a building anywhere designed by a Canadian architect. The Robertson Davies Library known as the lower library, houses the college's librarian as we.

Leslie Fiedler Leslie Aaron Fiedler was an American literary critic, known for his interest in mythography and his championing of genre fiction. His work involves the application of psychological theories to American literature, his most renowned work is Death in the American Novel. In his early years, he developed a strong connection to his grandparents and Perl Rosenstrauch; as Mark Royden Winchell writes in his book on Fiedler, "during Leslie's childhood and Perl Rosenstrauch were more like parents to Leslie than were his own father and mother"At an early age, Fiedler's family moved from Newark to East Orange, New Jersey , a town that lacked a substantial Jewish community.

Fiedler was forced to contend with anti-semitism from his fellow students who were Protestants and Catholics; the move to East Orange was short-lived and the family soon returned to Newark where Fiedler continued his education in public schools. Fiedler developed a resentment toward his teachers, who forced him to use standard English pronunciations instead of his ethnic dialect. While attending school, Fiedler worked in his uncle's shoe store where his encounters with coworkers served as inspiration for some of the characters he created in his work.

At South Side High School , Fiedler began to express interest in socialism , which led to him nearly getting arrested after a loud political rant on a soapbox on Newark's Bergen Street. Fiedler graduated from South Side High School in ; because of his parents' poor financial condition, he was at first unable to attend college. He recalled sitting on the steps of his father's bankrupt drugstore , weeping that he "wanted to go to college", he received a small scholarship, but it was insufficient to fund his university education.

He matriculated at the now-defunct Bronx, New York campus of New York University only after raising the money for tuition himself. Fiedler's flirtations with socialist ideology continued in his undergraduate career.. He joined the Young Communist League and aligned himself with Trotskyism. Fiedler did not gain admission to the elite eastern schools, but he received a scholarship from the English graduate program at the University of Wisconsin—Madison, where he earned his MA in and PhD in Despite Fiedler's scholarship, his move to Wisconsin left him short of funds, he had to survive on forty cents a day, while his avowed Trotskyist beliefs were opposed by the university's Stalinist contingent.

One of the more prominent of the campus Stalinists was Margaret Shipley , who became Fiedler's girlfriend. Within a few months of knowing each other and Shipley decided to marry in Leonard oversaw his dissertation. In , Fiedler was hired as an assistant professor at the University of Montana in Missoula. In February his first son, was born two months prematurely, he elected to join the Navy Reserve after the United States entered World War II in December due to incipient fissures in his marriage and a unrequited thirst for adventure.

Following enlistment, he gained admission to the Navy's Japanese Language School in Boulder, where he was placed in an intensive fourteen-month course taught by a melange of Japanese American businessmen and missionaries. Suspected to be a security risk, Fiedler's lieutenant commission was delayed until the conclusion of a comprehensive background investigation. Following his commissioning, Fiedler was assigned to Pearl Harbor as a translator of intercepted intelligence in , he transferred to the flagship of the fleet sent to engage the Japanese at the Battle of Iwo Jima as an intelligence officer responsible for POW interrogations in At Iwo Jima , he witnessed the raising of the flag on Mount Suribachi and the photographed recreation that ensued.

After subsequent assignments in Guam , the Northern Mariana Islands , China—the latter involving the repatriation of Japanese citizens following the resolution of the war—Fiedler was discharged from the Navy at his commissioned rank in early He had four more children: Michael in , Debbie in , Jenny in , Miriam in Fiedler was offered a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University by the Rockefeller Foundation , he became involved in the Harvard Poetry Society. Fiedler's first critical work appeared in and came about from his habit of reading American novels to his sons; the essay was the subject of debate.

Pairs of men flee for wilderness rather than remain in the civilizing and domesti. Plate tectonics is the idea that the rigid outer layers of the Earth, the lithosphere , are broken up into numerous pieces or "plates" that move independently over the weaker asthenosphere. Wilson maintained that the Hawaiian Islands were created as a tectonic plate shifted to the northwest over a fixed hotspot, spawning a long series of volcanoes, he conceived of the transform fault, a major plate boundary where two plates move past each other horizontally.

His name was given to two young Canadian submarine volcanoes called the Tuzo Wilson Seamounts ; the Wilson cycle of seabed expansion and contraction bears his name. Wilson's father was of Scottish descent and his mother was a third-generation Canadian of French descent, he was born in Ontario. He became one of the first people in Canada to receive a degree in geophysics, graduating from Trinity College at the University of Toronto in He obtained various other related degrees from Cambridge. His academic years culminated in his obtaining a doctorate in geology in from Princeton University.

In , he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada and was promoted to the rank of Companion of that order in Wilson was awarded the John J. Carty Award from the National Academy of Sciences in He was elected President of the American Geophysical Union.

He served as the Director General of the Ontario Science Centre from to , he and his plate tectonic theory are commemorated on the grounds outside by the Centre by a giant "immovable" spike indicating the amount of continental drift since Wilson's birth. The John Tuzo Wilson Medal of the Canadian Geophysical Union recognizes achievements in geophysics, he is commemorated by a named memorial professorship and an eponymous annual public lecture delivered at the University of Toronto.

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Wilson was an avid traveller and took a large number of photographs during his travels to many destinations, including European countries, parts of the USSR , the southern Pacific, to both polar regions. Although many of his photos are geological—details of rocks and their structures or panoramas of large formations—the bulk of his photos are of the places and people that he saw on his travels: landscapes, city views, sites, vehicles and fauna, occupations and people. Wilson, Tuzo. Wilson, J. Canadian Journal of Physics. Vine, F. CiteSeerX PMID Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

Washington DC. Dictionary of Scientific Biography. List of geophysicists Science and technology in Canada Supercontinent cycle " J. Tuzo Wilson ". September Retrieved October 14, West, Gordon F.. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. The J.

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Tuzo Wilson Professorship, a named memorial professorship at the University of Toronto. Travel Photographs of J. Tuzo Wilson. Massey was born into an influential Toronto family and was educated in Ontario and England , obtaining a degree in law and befriending future prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King while studying at the University of Oxford , he was commissioned into the military in for the remainder of the First World War and, after a brief stint in the Canadian Cabinet , began his diplomatic career, serving in envoys to the United States and United Kingdom. Upon his return to Canada in , Massey headed a royal commission on the arts between and , which resulted in the Massey Report and subsequently the establishment of the National Library of Canada and the Canada Council of the Arts , among other grant-giving agencies.

Laurent , to replace the Viscount Alexander of Tunis as viceroy , he occupied the post until succeeded by Georges Vanier in Massey was the first Canadian-born individual to serve as Canada's Governor General and his tenure proved to be a successful transition from occupation of the office by British-born members of the peerage. However, Massey was as a former Governor General of Canada, entitled to be styled for life with the superior form of The Right Honourable , he subsequently continued his philanthropic work and founded Massey College at the University of Toronto and the Massey Lectures before he died on December 30, The Massey family, of American origin, had immigrated from Cheshire, England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in ; the clan was Methodist and played an important role in supporting local religious and educational organizations, including Victoria University , Massey Hall , the Metropolitan Methodist Church.

Massey was thus raised among Toronto's elite, which gave him a number of social and familial connections throughout his life. Biology as ideology pdf by richard c. Lewontin ebook Following in the fashion of Stephen Jay Gould and Peter Medawar, one of the world's leading scientists.

Lewontin - Biology Ideology--The Doctrine of. In Biology as Ideology Lewontin examines the false paths down which modern scientific ideology has led us. New Condition: New Soft cover. Save for Later. Shipping: Free Within U. About this title Synopsis: Following in the fashion of Stephen Jay Gould and Peter Medawar, one of the world's leading scientists examines how "pure science" is in fact shaped and guided by social and political needs and assumptions. I always strive to achieve best customer satisfaction and have always described book accurately. I got lot of Out of Print and Rare books in my store and still adding lot of books.

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