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Doenges Practice Nurse Handbook 5th edition. Jeffrey S. Aileen Currie Introduction to Renal Therapeutics. Ashley Drugs and the Liver: A guide to drug handling in liver dysfunction. John S Hemodiafiltration Contributions to Nephrology. Michael A. Rapoff Current Pediatric Therapy 18th Edition. Malcolm I. Levene Handbook of Pediatric Cardiovascular Drugs. Randall G. Fisher Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics 17th Edition. Costello Paediatric Handbook 8th Edition. David G Nichols Drug-related problems in the elderly. Stephen Jackson Prescribing in Pregnancy 4th Edition. Peter C. Anne M.

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Brian V. John P. Wilding Stroke Prevention. Burton Rose Fluids and Electrolytes Demystified. Joyce Y. Donald A. Molony Foundations of Evidence-Based Medicine. Donald C. Marc E. Richard P. Michael J. Farthing Drug Treatment in Dementia. Roy W. Jones Essentials of Diagnosis and Treatment 2nd edition. Lawrence M. Tierney Essentials of Family Medicine 5th edition.

Anthony S. Charles M. Wiener Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach 7th edition. Joseph T. Marie A. Chisholm-Burns Pharmacotherapy Handbook 7th Edition. Terry L. Schwinghammer Pharmacotherapy in Primary Care. Jacqueline A.

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French Pediatric Epilepsy: Diagnosis and Therapy 3rd edition. John M. Pellock Guide to Neuropsychiatric Therapeutics. John R.

Stewart A. David Rosenberg Pharmacotherapy of Cachexia. Karl G. Hofbauer Polypharmacy in Psychiatry.

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Philip G Janicak Psychosomatic Medicine. Peter F. Alan F. Schatzberg Therapeutic Strategies in Dementia. Craig W. Donald F. Klein Handbook of Psychiatric Drugs. Harold R. Azzopardi Encyclopedia of Clinical Pharmacy. Carruthers Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 11th Edition. Bertram Katzung Clinical Pharmacology 9th Edition. Arthur J. Laurence L. Brunton Instant Clinical Pharmacology Instant. Evan J. Carol T. Walsh Pharmacology: Principles and Practice. Ward, Jane Ward and Richard M. Grace and Neil R.

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Sign-up to our email list. Chapter 69 - Paediatric respiratory cases. Blundell and R. Harrison ISBN: At a Glance Series. Wiley-Blackwell Links Send in your feedback Join our student reviewer panel Sign up for e-alerts Sign-up to our email list. Read a Chapter Chapter 69 - Paediatric respiratory cases. Six new chapters covering parenteral and ocular delivery; design and administration of medicines for the children and elderly; the latest in plant medicines; nanotechnology and nanomedicines, and the delivery of biopharmaceuticals.

Thoroughly revised and updated throughout. Michael E.

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