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As we moved from pre-history into written history, there are many examples of individuals who were the precursors to health communication specialists:.

Health communication

Modern health communication began at the same time as the modern public health field, in the late s, as the need arose to communicate health information from government and charitable organizations to a larger and more urban society. Some of the people who spearheaded these initiatives were:. Since its inception dating back to ancient society up to the modern day, health communication has integrated itself into multiple areas of our society. While the field has many facets, there are four general types of contemporary health communication: health promotion, patient-provider-family caregiver interactions, health care interventions, and health communication technology.

Health Promotion: Health promotion is defined as the design and development of health campaigns aimed at reaching certain audiences and communicating important health information. This type of health communication often employs strategies from mass communication, marketing communication, and strategic communication, among other disciplines. Individuals who work in health promotions focus on creating effective messaging that motivates positive behavior changes in patients and the public. They also create engaging content that markets health-related products and services.

How do we encourage safe sex practices amongst youth? For cancer patients, what kinds of informational materials would benefit them and their families? Effective and empathetic communication between doctors and nurses and their patients have been the subject of recent and growing study, in an effort to improve quality of care and patient outcomes. In this area of health communication, interpersonal communication, family communication, and organizational communication and team dynamics play prominent roles.

How can I frame important messages and health care directives in a way that engages patients in their own care? For example, some health care interventions combine the production of educational pamphlets and online content with group discussions and motivational interviewing sessions between patients and professionals.

How can we educate our target demographics and also use communication to support positive change?


Health Communication Technologies: Health communication technology encompasses not only health care services that use communication technology, such as mobile health applications and Telehealth services, but also the information technologies that help health care organizations run more efficiently and effectively, such as electronic medical records. Health communication technology can support everything from patient-provider interactions to health care promotions and interventions, by streamlining the communication process between health care experts and the public, between patients and their health care team, and between medical professionals.

Health communication specialists have a variety of choices in terms of where they will spend their time and energy. These can include physical products, direct care, or data gathering and analysis. For example, a public health campaign for cigarette smoking will include products that are targeted toward different age groups from children to the elderly, and different populations such as current smokers and those who have not yet begun to smoke.

Agencies and organizations might create physical products such as brochures, flyers, and booklets; electronic products such as websites and social media accounts; or mass market products such as billboards and public transportation advertisements. Direct Care : Those who work directly with the public often produce not only physical products, but also presentations, press releases, and training materials. They typically work directly with various stakeholders in their community in identifying needs and ways to address those needs.

Others may work one-on-one with clients to deliver information or personal training, as well as advocate for their care in various agencies or organizations. Latest News from HC3. Previous Next. Health Communication. Springboard Zambia launched on May 11, , with approximately 40 people in attendance from 24 different organizations representing the government, donors and civil society.

Education Requirements for Health Communications Professionals

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A disease that is serious and a disease area that you take seriously. You believe that your medication will make a difference to the patients suffering from it. Wouldn't you also want to state your commitment by gathering support for independent organizations who…. Continue Reading.

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Working in healthcare for the benefit of mankind is the core of our business. Naturally, our corporate social responsibility programme mirrors this approach. Since early we have been supporting the German charity Kindernothilfe and their aid workers in their efforts to bring health, education and agricultural support to the….

Congress reports are an excellent post-meeting activity to engage external and internal audiences. They provide a tremendous medium for readers to be presented with easy-to-digest information, with news and hot topics from a congress they were unable to attend.

Adding the visual channel, video interviews are even more valuable and…. Websites - we visit them daily, we have our favourites, and many of us know about their advantages.

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